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Service Scope & Fee Charges


One stop service - Feng Shui House Searching, Screening & Best Recommendation

Time Saving, No more Doubts & Worries!


  • Our Service is Worldwide Coverage!!

  • Suitable for property purchaser, seller, owner, or tenant.

  • According to your personal chart and house-hunting requirement, our search will cover one stop service, where the best Feng Shui location is positioned, and the best residential apartment is identified to meet your needs and hopes.

  • Property for Purchase or Sell: If the service location is in Hong Kong, the real estate agency fee will be waived if the buyer or seller subscribed and paid for this service.

  • Apartment for Rent or Tenant who subscribe for this service, please contact us for quotation.

  • It is particularly helpful for those who are from Hong Kong, about to migrate to other countries or home relocation, and for those who study abroad and work.

    Our Unique & Comprehensive Suggestion include:

    1. Unique service help you position the cities, areas, zone/postal codes where your premises should be located and considered.

    2. Unique service help you identify a safe place before any prior house viewing, of which place is the most beneficial amongst other qualified house for your and your family interests, health concerns, financial growth, career path, personal development, children's development, interpersonal relationship, family relationship, etc.

    3. Unique service help you detect the existence of the premises, and which premises in the list you should not consider (due to different considerations or "unacceptable" disadvantages).

    4. Unique and tailor-made services will offer you: timing saving, accelerate the success to achieve your goals, identify the best ideal residence for you. Seize the opportunity!



  • Our Service is Worldwide Coverage !!
  • Before signing the contract, client can send us their preferred searching result for our Feng Shui insight assessment.

What you will be offered:

1. You will be assured and gain supportive from us while making your choice for Purchase or Rent the premises. No more doubts and fears!

2. We will "unveil the truth", even the place interior design is attractive to you.

3. We will assure the place is existed, safe, with good Feng Shui premises, of where would bring prosperous and lots of benefits to you and your family!


Acceleration of Prosperous Future, Advice on Preventive Measures!

Unique, Comprehensive & Insightful!


  • Our Service is Worldwide Coverage !!
  • Household purification, improve indoor magnetic field.
  • Suitable for house relocation, for Sell, or for Rent.
  • Simply send over the video (mobile recording) and send it to our WhatsApp contact number. Convenient, Efficient, and Effective!
  • Detailed Feng Shui Report will be provided. Help you maintain your current or improve your living standard, which covers health related, financial perspective, business and studies career achievement, as well as some preventive measures, life planning, child cultivation and direction, etc.

Our Unique & Comprehensive Suggestion include:

1. For Sell of Property: Feng Shui service, increase attractiveness of the premises, accelerate the time for sell transaction, help achieve the sell transaction at the preferred asking price.

2. Feng Shui service may include causation and leading result. Our suggestions may require the owner/family to get awareness of his / her behaviour, correction, be considerate, forgiveness, or make contribute to the charity organisations for people in needs/handicapped/serious illness.

Once our service fee is agreed and fixed, even our actual time spent exceeds the initial plan at the time of quotation given, we will maintain our high quality of service level on every steps of work process and delivery, we will not adjust our fixed service fee during project delivery.

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