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2-step Approach

Step 1:  Understand your needs and ideal home.

We offer high quality of service, we will identify the best location and the best available premises for you efficiently.

Our Service simplify your home searching process, where it will save you lots of valuable time for search and house viewing.  We also assure you the new place will maintain or enhance your current living standard.  

We assure you that we will be able to find and identify your ideal home with reasonable arrangement. 

We handle every project with care, conscientious and dedicated attitude. We will conduct a series of assessments and evaluation in order to identify your ideal home.

We will offer you a customised plan that is most suitable for you and your family, whereof our suggestion solution will reflect those merits and unacceptable disadvantages of those premises in the search list.

2nd Step:

All you need to do is to focus your time, that is to take the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best suggested premises into your consideration, and make the best decision in time !

Service Schedule 

We mainly provide Feng Shui Spatial Detection Service to residential clients.  Our strategic approach can quickly fullfil the needs for property transfer/occupancy in regardless of buyer, seller, or even landlord and tenant.   Our Feng Shui advice is Innovative, Unique and Insightful!  You would hardly find such a comparable service in other places in the World!

Please visit our Service Fee Schedule.

Our Service Delivery

  • Client engages with our service.
  • Quotation, Upfront Payment
  • Project kick off.
  • Service delivery time:  subject to different services from 1 to 7 days, for details please contact us. 
  • Service delivery and Follow Up. 


  1. Subject to individual project needs, 2nd round of search may be required, thus may result a slightly longer of delivery time. 

  2. As this service is worldwide coverage, we will use the most effective communication approach with client, such as video meeting, phone, WhatsApp, and email, etc. 

  3. We encourage our clients advance booking of our schedule. 

Client Referral Incentive

We are happy to help the others to make their dreams come true!

We encourage you to share your user experience with us to the others, we will grant you a client referral incentive. Successful new client referral and when our service is delivered, the referrer will receive a referral bonus equivalent to 5% against our service fee invoice to the referred client. Please get in touch with us for further details.

Referral incentive is valid for 6 months from the date of referral until our service fee is paid.

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