Let us take over

your doubts, worries and fears?


1. When is the best time I should contact you for consultation? 


You are highly recommended to contact us at the time when you have a plan for relocation, before any search and house viewing activities.

2. I plan to relocate to UK but have not decided to place to stay.  I need to stay at a place and apply for state school for my children.  What would be your advice?

We can help you find a suitable place before you relocate to UK. Our one-stop Feng Shui service (remote) and house searching service covers anywhere in the globe. Please provide us more information of your basic info and preference.

3. My daughter is studying in UK alone.  We do not have relatives staying in UK.  We are in the discussion if she shall share a house with friends or live by herself.  I am worrying of her safety, what shall I do?

(Real Case)

We would be able to help her, let us take over your worries, doubts and fears! We will get further information from you for evaluation and assessment. Insight recommendation will be followed to you asap.
Real Case: In Day 0, we understood the background of this urgent request, we immediately kicked off the project. We identified one (1) premises from over 100 premises in the market. In Day 3, we were acknowledged that the landlord wished to let the premises to a couple rather than student. We immediately started the search from the market update, we found the best of the best (Feng Shui) premises over our short list of 17 premises. The client did the house viewing in the following day, and confirmed the rental within 24 hours. 

4.  My family has relocated to UK, we have rented a house for 12 months till early September this year.   I wish to buy a house here but my house property in Hong Kong has not been sold out yet.  Could you help me?

(Real Case) 

Yes, please get in touch with us. We will do Feng Shui assessment and follow up actions (if applicable) for your current property in Hong Kong. We will help you promote the property for sales. House search in UK can be followed. 

5.  How does your suggestion look like?  

(Real case)

Our aim is 'result orientated', that is we aim to identify a suitable place for you, where would bring you lots of merits and benefits, help you achieve a blossom future !

The scope of our suggestion may include some insights in relation to yourself, your health, financial growth, work career, individual development, children development, interpersonal relationship, family relations, etc.

The most important thing is that, we will eliminate the premises of which are relatively unacceptable or in disadvantages. That would save you lots of time, facilitate you to go straight to the target, and allow you to focus on the ideal premises where fits you the most, and take the opportunity in time!

6.  We are happy to take your suggestion and my daughter just moved into the new premises (actual rental case).  Anything that she shall be aware of?

(Real case) 

It is our pleasure to help and support you for the search. We are confident of every suggestions that we have given! Please send me a video recording of the premises, we may provide you complimentary service. 

7.  I had rented a apartment near the commercial areas before my arrival.  I did not expect the living environment nearby is so different just in 2 streets away.  I have made an advance rental, what shall I do now? 

Please contact us to see what we can help now. For similar situation, before tenancy agreement is signed, we would recommend you to contact us, we can check if the place is safe and good for you. 

In addition, in our real project experience, we came across with a house where interior design is so attractive; however our Feng Shui assessment indicates 'moderate', (i.e. not qualified in our recommendation standard)

8.  I will work in overseas for 1 year.  I plan to rent an apartment with a reasonably cheap rental, the areas will be quite far from the city.  Could you provide a consultation service and property search for me?

Yes, certainly we can. Our service is worldwide coverage. Please contact us asap to understand further of your needs and hopes.