Your Beacon Light for your Home and Business

Do you know Feng Shui and energy of a premises of where you live or for business 

could bring you an acceleration of success, good luck, prosperity, 

OR Vice Versa?

Professional Consultation and Search for Residential & Commercial Premises  

Feng Shui & Energy House Search

We assure we can help you take over your worries!   We assure the best available premises is suggested for your better decision!  

  • Position the best location and available premises by advance strategic search and Feng Shui assessment BEFORE your house viewing

  • Hardly found comparable and assurance service

  • Worldwide coverage

  • Professional, quality assurance, timely & quick delivery

  • We take over your worries, doubts, and fears

  • Consultation service fee is waived if agency fee is paid to us

Let us know your needs and hopes!  We assure our suggested plan to you is comprehensive!  

We assess Feng Shui and energy of premises, identify which one will bring you and your family prosperity, happiness, and positive growth, etc.   

Our unique opinion will also provide a clear indication or implication of why you are suggested to drop the rest from the short listed premises, although the internal design or decoration may be very attractive to you. 

We will also consider the needs of each family members, such as schools location, safety, general population indications in the district, recreation location, accessibility to hospital, police station, library, and/or park, etc. 

Why Choose Us ?   

1. We gain your trust ! 

2. Innovative end to end services from Feng Shui specialist to agency service 

3. Expertise in Feng Shui Assessment (and/or Magnetic Field, Purification)

4. Exclusive & Unique Opinion for every clients

5. Unlimited times of search and Feng Shui Assessment for each project until client's satisfactory

6. Incomparable User Experience

7. No Extra Service Fee (if agency fee is paid to us)

8. Worldwide Coverage

9. Best result Oriented, 2-step Approach

10. Project Manager will be assigned for all types of clients, regardless residential, commercial, industrial, students, expat workers, etc.

11. Effective, Confident!  Trust that we'll give you a comfort & maximise your benefits 

Our Value

1.   We Care, We will bear your worries, doubt, and fear!

We will take over your worries, doubt and fear! We assure to offer you the best plan of our search selection and suggestion! We will avoid any inconvenience to our clients and third parties while further information is collected. We are confident that our professional service will meet your needs and hopes, our quick suggestion feedback will also facilitate you to grab the opportunities and make the best decision in time.

2. We are your Beacon Light!  

We understand the needs and hopes of our clients and for their families! Therefore, we take our clients needs, preferences, hopes and plan into our consideration. We are your beacon light, guiding you to the right direction, enable you going forward to the joyful place where you deserved. 

3. We offer Unique & Exclusive Plan!

Our extraordinary suggestion is unique and exclusive to individual and situation.   You can hardly find such a level of service in the world! 

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4. We are Ethical, Honest and Integrity

All of our team members are professional and will maintain high ethical standards. With our honesty, integrity and sincere working attitude, we create a fair and healthy working environment. We gain clients confidence and help them make a correct decision. 

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5. We treat our clients Equally and Fairness

We operate the business with the principle of equal and fairness to our clients and in the market. We ensure every client is treated in a fair, reasonable, and consistent manner, our clients can rest assured.

Our Search & Consultation Service - 

Unique & Exclusive!


01. Understand your Needs, Preference & Hopes

Let us know your needs, preference and hopes for now and future.  For city where geographically area can be very large, people usually have doubts to identify the best location to live or for business.  People may only have a high level of preference, e.g. south side.  Send us your request, we will be able to help you!


02. Identify Location (City/District)

We will identify the location which is practical and best for you and for your family. 

03. Screen and Search (Internal)

We will do the screening of available premises for you.  You may also let us know your preferred list.

04. 1st Round Short Listing (Internal)

We will short list the premises that are most likely suitable for you and your family, or for your business.  We do screening from over 100 premises and first short listing is about 10 to 15 premises.  You may give us your preferred premises location as well.

05. Feng Shui, Magnetic Field (Internal)

Our unique technique will assess Feng Shui, magnetic field on the selected list of premises.   

 06. Recommendation

Our recommendation covers all round unique commentary:   Take / Don't Take.

We know the level of positive trend (excellent, moderate, low) of each selected premises would bring to you and your family healthy, happiness, financial freedom, status, achievement, interpersonal relationship, etc.   Once we get the final assessment, we will provide it to you, highlighted with "highly recommended" and reasoning, so that you can make the best choice of your decision in time!   You can take the next step for house viewing but only need to focus  on the highly recommended premises. 

About us

First Champion Investment integrates Chinese and western culture, belief, we aim to offer our clients from different places and corners in the world with Care, Reliable and Exclusive services.   

Our team is professional, enthusiasm, sets ourselves with high quality standard.  Our service and suggested opinion are extraordinary and exclusive to individual clients. 

Our Innovative and Exclusive solution based Professional Consultation Service and Agency Service is hardly found in the world!

With First Champion Investment, let us take over all your worries, doubt and fear from you!

You simply let us know your needs, and we offer our recommendation to you in 2-step approach!

Our team

Our team is unique,  innovative, self motivated team, we carry enthusiasm and mission to help the others.  We maintain the same goal to deliver the best quality and result to our clients, bringing them the highest satisfaction and reasonable arrangement! 


Personal experience with this unique service for my family, which gave me an extremely high level of confidence and comfort to go for it.  

Personally committed to the God to share and help the others in need.

Bonnie. K

First C1 Investment

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Prestige Partner 

Feng Shui Master (Chinese & Western), Personal Guidance Adviser

Chu. Saa.

First C1 Investment

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